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And yesterday was so nice...

Today was crappy. (And not, polarbear, because of yesterday's drinking!)

It started with me missing the bus. So I was late getting to work. And then I had a pile of stuff to do, which isn't bad in itself, but this was annoying-frustrating-bureaucratic stuff, so I was cranky about that. I had it as done as could be by noon, though, so that was okay.

This afternoon was the Xmas party. I didn't go, because I neglected to buy a ticket in time, but nearly everyone else was going, so I was expecting the office to be nice and quiet, and expecting that I'd be able to finish things up and maybe do some writing or something. But then my manager dashes in and leaves me with more *extremely urgent* things to do as she's on her way out to the party. And that wouldn't have been a problem, except that what I had to do was make phone calls.

I hate making phone calls. I especially hate calling complete strangers and asking them about things I barely know anything about myself. But I was good, and I made all the calls, and I left messages with nearly everybody, and nobody called me back.

One person I did manage to talk to in person was supposed to get a phone number for me so that I could set up a conference call for tomorrow. She never got back to me with the phone number, even though I stuck around work 'til quarter to five. So the conference call still isn't set up, and I'll probably have to do it frantically in the morning. Along with half a dozen other things that all need to be done *right away* and that are all out of my hands.

In other words, I probably have to spend tomorrow morning calling people and nagging them.

Did I mention I hate calling people?

Stupid sucky day. I should have gone to the bloody Xmas party.

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