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This Ken Jennings guy is really quite remarkable, but he doesn't make me any more interested in the little "let's get to know the contestants" segment. Sigh.

So, triathlon update. As you've probably noticed, I am alive. I did in fact survive it. Furthermore, I got a medal.

Now, let's be clear: it was a third-place medal, and there were only three people in my category. But it's still very cool, both because it's a medal, and because they don't give medals to people who don't finish. And I finished it. By golly, I finished it. In under 4 hours, even.

Now, mind you, I was the last one to cross the finish line. Which fact was announced very loudly. But it was okay, because everyone there gave me a big cheer. After all, not everyone even finished these things. And they gave me flowers for being the "most honest" triathlete (heh heh heh).

C, who started 5 minutes ahead of me, crossed the finish line 5 minutes and 13 seconds ahead of me... he beat me by 13 seconds. Thirteen measly seconds! Oh well. At least it was close.

It was fun, but a very long and very tiring race. The race bike definitely helped -- I need to improve my bike skills to cut some time off there and leave me less exhausted for the run. Wouldn't hurt to hit a quicker pace in the water, too -- I'm a very strong swimmer, but generally rather slow & steady. I'll have to work on kicking it up a notch. I did walk a fair bit during that last 10km run, but that was as much due to my exhaustion as to my running skills.

Anyway, results are here -- just scroll down to the bottom to see me!

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