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Phew. It's been a busy few days. Hurrah for long weekends, but... wow. An awful lot always seems to get packed into them!

The magnificent jellybeast and her beau came up to visit for Canada day, and we had a super time, with thunderstorm-watching, much food and drinking, Scrabble-playing, and then fireworks! All great fun, and even better because of the lovely company. I am only saddened that they couldn't stay longer. Sniff.

Then C and I did the Urban Challenge on Saturday. It was great fun. It involved large amounts of running all over town, solving clues, finding particular locales... I hope it comes back next year. I would love to do it again. C and I finished #96 of about 140 teams, in 4 hours 13 minutes. Because we got all the locations right and completed the course in under 5 hours, we got medals! So now we feel all special. A great source of pride is how well we did at the trivia portion of the event. This is a short trivia contest which determines the start order for the race, and we ended up in the first group! So that was pretty cool.

Then Sunday was recuperating, and now I am back at work, being diligent.

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