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Okay, okay, utter failure to update on a regular basis. I hang my head in shame.

Saturday was the Great Glebe Garage Sale. Fun, but thoroughly exhausting. I bought many many books at $0.25 apiece. I only stopped when my backpack started to get really heavy. I also found some lovely (in a fun sort of way) blue glass goblets/martini glasses (2 large, 2 small) for $1. Woo! Searched diligently for a nice pitcher for C2, but found nothing. Millions of vases, but not a single decent pitcher to be found. Strange how that works sometimes.

Yesterday, biked out to MEC to buy my panniers. Mine are blue, because although the red would have matched my bike better (my bike is black with red writing), I really really liked the colour of the blue. So there. Sometimes I am such a girl. :P C was very nice and installed my new bike rack in the MEC parking lot. It can be very useful, having a handy boy (or handy person) about. :)

Today, booked C's and my tickets for Stratford. I am terribly excited. We are going to see Timon of Athens and Cymbeline. I have never seen either of them performed, so it should be a fun experience. (Cymbeline was my pick) We invited jellybeast to come with us, but alas! she was already spoken for that weekend. Next time we will have to get organize sooner, so that we can speak for her before anyone else does. Mwahaha! But do not fear, jellybeast! I have many more summer schemes into which I plan to draw you. ;)

Softball game tonight. A dramatic loss is expected, but not hoped for.

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