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My very first poll... and it's all about bicycle panniers!

I am planning to buy panniers for my bicycle, so that I don't have to carry everything around on my back all the time. As I'm using the bike more and more for commuting, it just makes sense to turn it into a proper commuting bike. If I'm going to get really serious about the triathlon thing (and heaven help us all, I'm thinking of entering the Olympic-distance triathlon in July), I'll need a proper racing bike anyway (just imagine how well I could do if I weren't using my cheap but sturdy mountain bike!).

So, I need your assistance. Tell me which panniers I should pick. The options I've narrowed it down to are:
#1 (the small ones)
These are relatively inexpensive, and would be easy to get on and off the bike, but I'm concerned that they might be too small to carry everything I need.

#2 (the slightly bigger ones)
These are the next step up, more or less. They're a bit more expensive, and a bit bigger, but I think they'd still be fairly manageable. There are bigger ones still, but I think they might be overkill for the kind of biking I do.

#3 (the one that turns into a backpack)
This one is cool, because it doubles as a backpack, making carrying it around much easier, but I'm concerned about only having weight on one side of the bike.

So, after all those explanations, tell me... what do you think?

Poll #298870 Panniers

Which set of bicycle panniers should I buy?

#1 (the small ones)
#2 (the big ones)
#3 (the one that turns into a backpack)
other (please suggest/specify below)
don't be silly, buy a car!



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