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I know, I know... I've been terribly lax about putting things in this journal lately. I suppose I've been busy or something... though if you asked me what I've been busy doing, I'd have a hard time answering you. Just bustling, I guess. It's really starting to feel like spring/summer here, so I've been more inclined to frisk about outdoors than putter at the computer, which may be a contributing factor.

Work's been quasi-busy lately, too -- I think I'm finally starting to get into the groove of things, at least a little. My biggest challenge these days is the shyness thing -- I hate having to call people up, especially people I don't know well, and that kind of thing is becoming more and more a part of the job. I wouldn't say it "get easier with practice", but the more people I talk to who don't say "who are you and why are you bothering me", the more of a positive record I have to look back on and counteract my negative self-talk with. If that made any sense.

Triathlon is in two weeks. Very exciting and nerve-wracking. I'm a little worried that I haven't been training outside very much yet, and running on a treadmill is so much different from running outside... but I'll be okay. I was out for a run today, which went fairly well, although I did have to dodge the throngs of people out for a stroll in the sunshine or heading to the Tulip Festival. (And this is where I complain about the group of about a dozen people who seemed to think it was appropriate to travel as a clump, effectively blocking the entire width of the path...)

Anyway, must get back to cooking dinner. I'm getting hungry.

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