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So far today I have:

*tidied my house. It's almost respectable now, and I feel much better as a result.
*reorganized my bookshelves -- or rather, the books on the shelves
*had a nap
*gone to the gym (it's too busy on Saturdays... I may have to try going on Sundays instead)
*had a bath
*caught up on money stuff

I feel moderately accomplished, mostly because the house is almost clean. It's much nicer this way. I still plan to:

*do dishes
*make the rest of the gingerbread dough (that I didn't eat) into cookies
*have dinner (I did have lunch earlier, though I didn't list it among my accomplishments... I kind of slept through breakfast, though)
*go to a party! (yay!)

And I think I've figured out what I'm getting my parents for Christmas. Thanks to H, who always has great ideas! :) I will pick up the stuff on Tuesday after work (I would go Monday, but Monday the cat-sitter is coming by to meet Spenser and so that I can check her out)

And that's all I can share with you right now because Spenser is sitting on my arm, and typing is getting difficult.

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