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Aw, man. It's only just barely gotten warm again, and I went and got myself a sunburn. That'll teach me to toss on a tank top just because it's finally not winter. *sigh*

(for the record, it's only a little sunburn... my shoulders are red, but otherwise I'm okay. And it was overcast, and I (of course) completely forgot about the whole "uv rays don't care if it's overcast" thing. I feel like something of a twit.)

And Spenser really didn't want me to type this. As soon as I started typing, he hopped off the computer monitor (where he likes to sit and supervise my puttering) and stuck his head in my face and his paws on my chest. He has since settled himself more-or-less into my lap, being cute and purring and stuff. He's such a clingy little guy sometimes. Takes after his mom, I guess.

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