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Gah. I have a COLD. Yuck yuck yuck. I'm all congested and my head is spinny. This is terribly unpleasant.

It's particularly unfortunate because it started to hit me yesterday, just as I was hanging out with jellybeast. I sincerely hope I have not contaminated her! We managed to have a lovely evening nonetheless, with much chattering and so forth, but it did put rather a damper on my wine-drinking. I figured I should take it easy on the wine in order to dose up on NeoCitran before bed (slept like the drugged, thank you very much).

I was supposed to go to a pot luck party tonight, but I do not think I will be going. I'm going to be stuck at home feeling sorry for myself instead. Boo. Oh well. I will have to entertain myself with movies and video games and lots of lots of orange juice (which I must now dress myself and head out to purchase).

I hate being sick. It's just no fun. :P

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