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It's snowing out. wtf??? See, this is why I just love Ottawa. The ever-so-predictable weather. </sarcasm>

And today is the beginning of daylight savings time. Which I completely forgot about. I can never remember when DST is supposed to be happening. It's terribly confusing. And this is the one that makes me lose an hour, which sucks.

I'm planning to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this afternoon. I've heard all kinds of positive reviews, and am rather excited. :)

The vegetarian experiment continues to go well. The main challenge is restaurants, which are way too often almost devoid of meatless options. I am getting a little sick of vegetarian pizza as a result. I'm going home for Easter next weekend, too, so we'll see how the family handles it. I have a hunch I'll be eating lots of veggie burgers as replacements for the meat element of dinner. Which is not a big deal for a weekend or so.

I just finished reading Middlesex. My review: I enjoyed the story, and it was well-told, but I was left with an indefineable sense of something missing. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the way gender issues were dealt with (it didn't feel entirely credible as the psychological portrait of a hermaphrodite; not nuanced enough, or something). The ending was a little abrupt, too. However, the story was engaging, and it did hold my interest -- I wanted to know what would happen next. I have no hesitation calling it a very good book, but I'm a little bemused by all the acclaim it's gotten. ***

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