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An announcement

So I made a decision the other day. I noticed that I didn't really feel much like eating meat. Now, I gave up all meats except chicken and fish a couple of years ago, and haven't missed it at all (especially since I discovered that I could get my taco fix from veggie ground round). But now even chicken has become somewhat unappetizing. Maybe I've been too dependent on it lately, as an easy restaurant choice. Maybe I'm feeling a little too guilty and aware of all the horrible things that get done to the chickens. Whatever it was, I found myself going off chicken.

So I made a decision: I would go vegetarian for a month, and see how it went. It's fairly unlikely that I'll stay a "real" vegetarian in the long term -- my parents would have no idea what to make for me when I went to visit! -- but we'll see.

I "officially" started my little experiment yesterday. So my goal is no meat until April 18. Eggs, milk, cheese, all that stuff is still okay -- I can't see myself ever giving up cheese, I love it toooo much!

I'm curious to see if I start craving chicken or fish after going without it for a while. I have a feeling I won't miss it as much as I always thought I would. But, as I said above, we shall see.

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