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Well, that's over with. I have survived my performance in front of the all-staff meeting. Whew. I suppose it wasn't all that bad in the end. We got lots of compliments, which is always nice. Except that my boss also mentioned that it had gone so well that we'd (the small group who were volunteered into doing the skit) have to do any of these things that came up in the future. Ugh. I hope she was kidding. I really hope she was kidding. An actor I'm not.

The rest of the day was okay -- as enjoyable as enforced work-related fun ever is. I won our table's snowman centrepiece, but I gave it away to a colleague who actually wanted it. (I really have no use for a snowman centrepiece)

It feels like Friday. But it isn't. I still have to go to work tomorrow. Bah.

I can't wait for the weekend. This week has seemed exceptionally long. I suppose it's because I've just gotten back, and I'm not used to it anymore. And I've had all kinds of stuff piled on me, which is never fun. And yes, I know, I should't complain since I was griping previously about not having enough work to do. But there ought to be a happy medium between thumb-twiddling and "are you done with the two dozen things I just gave you yet? How about now?" Would that be so hard?

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