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I have been soooo tired all week. At first, it was jet lag and I had an excuse. Now it's just tired. It's been a psycho-busy week at work (and some of you know just how rare that is). I've had loads to do, and everyone seems to need it done right away. I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all, but then I made a list, and prioritized it, and started checking things off... that helped until I was informed that the next item on the list (the one I hadn't gotten to yet) needed to be done now! And I'd forgotten my headphones, too -- now that may not seem like much of a problem, but my workspace is anything but quiet, and I simply cannot write or edit effectively when there are loud conversations going on all around me. I start listening to the conversations instead (even though they're terribly boring). I finally had to pick up my papers and go find an empty cubicle on the other side of the floor. Fortunately, there are many of these since they've been moving people into the new space. No chairs, though. I sat on the desk, and actually succeeded in getting some work done.

Tomorrow I don't have real work. We're having an all staff meeting. I have to act in the presentation that tells everyone what our group does. I assure you, I volunteered for this quite against my will. I play the hip granny who can't wait to be able to change her address online. It's all very silly. I'm rather dreading it, but at least we're the first group, and then it'll all be over.

I'm planning to make gingerbread later this week. I would do it tonight, but I'm meeting Sean for coffee later (well, hot beverage, since I want to sleep tonight) so it's probably not wise to make my house even more of a mess (it's pretty disastrous right now, but I lack the energy to remedy that). Maybe I'll put up my winter lights instead. Mine don't make music, and they're actually quite enjoyable. I wonder where I can hang them that Spenser won't pull them down or electrocute himself? Hmm...

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