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I have been cold all day today. The heat was broken at work. At first I thought it was just a combination of the usual Monday-morning cold (they turn the heat off on the weekends. It's always freezing on Mondays) and my tired, jet lagged state. But no. The heat was actually broken. People were wearing coats all day. It was really freaking cold.

Aren't they supposed to let us go home when that happens?

At least home is (relatively) warm.

There are Christmas decorations in my building lobby. They're pretty atrocious, really. And they include Christmas lights that play music. And I can hear the lights in my apartment. (only when I'm near the door, but still)

Spenser seems to be fascinated by the music. He's been sneaking out the door all evening. But when I tried to take him for a walk on his leash so he could check out the music, he got shy and wouldn't leave the apartment. He's not really that fond of the leash, I guess. Oh well.

I hope the heat is fixed tomorrow.

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