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So last night I got talked into trying my first spinning class.
This sounds like it should involve turning straw into gold, or something, but it turns out it's actually all about stationary bikes and loud techno music.
Which sounds terrible put that way, but is actually a rather fun way to exercise. The class was an hour long, but it didn't feel that long to me -- although it did feel really hard and sweat-inducing, which is (I suppose) a good thing! Anyway, it was an entertaining way to do a workout, and I think I ended up doing more cardio work than I usually do (typically 30 mins on the treadmill or regular stationary bike), while enjoying it more. It was motivating, at the very least. I will likely do it again.

In fact, I think I may start doing more group exercise stuff. It's the kind of thing I generally avoid because I'm all quiet and shy and private (heh), but the spinning class was really motivating and a lot of fun, and frankly, I'm getting kind of bored of my regular routine. All the classes are free with my gym membership, so it would probably behoove me to give them a shot sometime. The "Body Combat" (quasi-kickboxing) one looks interesting...

And I've been trying to do yoga from time to time in the evenings, in the hopes of improving my balance (poor at the best of times) and flexibility. And it's relaxing, too. Which is a good bonus.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note...
I'm getting a paid journal for my birthday! (six months' worth) And a t-shirt! So exciting. Soon, I shall have many fantabulous user pictures, all thanks to my magnificent benefactor. Thanks, darlin'. ;)

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