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Still haven't made a decision on the job thing. Have to decide on Thursday. Don't know what to decide. Aaaaaaack!

And my cat is in heat (joy, joy). When I first got her, the vet/humane society couldn't tell for sure if she was spayed or not (couldn't feel a scar, but...), so I decided not to put her through surgery until we knew for sure. Now we know, I suppose. I feel rather guilty for putting her through this, but I'm trying to reassure myself that I was just trying to do the right thing for her. Bah. Fortunately, she isn't (so far, knock wood) doing much of the traditional yowling. She's just rubbing up against stuff more and presenting her behind in a rather disturbing way. Some of the time. And the rest of the time, she's more or less as normal.

Anyway, I have to wait until the signs of heat are gone, and then I can take her in to the vet to get rid of those pesky sexual urges for good. They could spay her now, but it would be a more major procedure because of all the "blood flow" (ew). So I'm just going to wait until she's back to normal. She's an indoor cat, after all.

So yeah. I feel a little overwhelmed. But it's okay. I can do this. Really I can.

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