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I'm back! I'm back!

My holidays were great, thank you, though by the end of them I was well and truly ready to head back to the (relative) quiet of Ottawa. We had 22 people at Xmas dinner. Sometimes my family is just too large. But it was nice to see everyone, and the change of scenery was pleasant. The weather was absolutely unbelievable -- warm and sunny. It felt like spring. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with winter's return.

Highlights of the haul:
- a hand blender (used tonight to make a very yummy roasted red pepper soup!)
- cookbook
- omnibus edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books
- the pretty black boxed sets of the Lord of the Rings (to which I am currently unable to find a link)
- a UVic frame for my UVic degree! Shipped all the way from Victoria! *bounce*
- a set of drinking glasses
- scarf/hat/mitts
- a tool box
- many other wonderful and generous gifts, which I have not the energy to list

I also received a lovely winter coat from my parents, which had to be returned (alas). It did not fit. And we could not find another one. So the money is being kept, and a winter coat will be purchased in October or so. Which will be nice, but is somehow not the same.

Anyway, after much merriment and eating with the family, I returned to the great White City of Ottawa (not so white after all the snow melted, but whatever). The cats were pleased to see me (and are considering forgiving me for callously abandoning them). It's nice having critters about who are pleased to see one.

And tomorrow night is NYE! Already! It seems 2003 has barely begun. My plans are as follows: a lovely early-ish dinner with C2 and C, and then out to celebrate at Zaphod's, where there will be bands and dancing and drinking and other thrilling festivities. I'm looking forward to it; should be a great time.

And now I think it's time to end this epic posting -- Spenser (who is perced on my monitor, as he often is) is dangling his paw in front of me, and making it rather challenging to read what I'm typing. Silly cat. Time to get out the Laser Pointer of Doom!

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