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Phew. What a week. It's been busy and eventful, so I'll try to give you a summary -- I hope it's not too confusing!

My office "Seasonal Celebration Bash" was on Wednesday afternoon, which was lots of fun. That kind of thing is always pleasant when you like your coworkers! It was funny to see how many people left around 5 -- when they were no longer being paid to party. But anyway.

After the party, C and I went to see Return of the King. The parts that were good were really really really really good. Really. Unfortunately, following the success of the first two parts, Peter Jackson seems to have gotten a little less restrained -- it really needed some stronger editing. The pacing was a little uneven as a result. And, yes, the race issues were even more prominent, but that's been there since the first one, and I've had to accept it. It's true to Tolkien, I suppose, but it would have been nice to see a little modern courage. Ah well. Can't have everything. Eowyn's great moment was well-done, although they really skimped on her ending. (and yes, having complained about a lack of editing, I really shouldn't say that, but...!) Overall review: **** for a Tolkien fan, maybe 3.5 for other people. ;)

Anyway, after such an eventful day, my subconscious was pretty convinced it was Friday... but it wasn't. The second half of the week felt like starting over again. Bleah.

C has since left for the holidays, and I am in charge of his cats -- which is fine, though giving pills to the sick one is a bit of a challenge. Poor kitten. I don't like taking pills, either, and no one's holding my mouth shut!

I have heard some (completely unofficial) rumours about that job I'm hoping for. Apparently I came in second on the strict "merit" part of the competition, but the incumbent (there's someone doing the job now, on an acting basis, who now has to compete for it... yes, it's a silly system. But anyway.) did not do well on her French tests. So things are looking promising for me. We shall see. My oral test is scheduled for January 9. I shall have to watch lots of French movies in the meantime. ;)

I am almost done my Xmas shopping. But not quite. Next year, I swear I'll have it all done by November. And do it all online. Really. You'll see. :P

Speaking of which, it is time for me to go out and get a "last few things". And then have lunch with C2, which will be super-fun.

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