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I am a True Canadian.

I own a hockey stick.

I just got back from playing road hockey (well, tennis court hockey) with some coworkers and friends et al. It was lots of fun, even for a total non-hockey person, like me. My game plan is usually to chase around after the ball and get in the other team's way. Heh.

This is the second time we've gotten together to play hockey -- we're trying to make it a regular thing. Which is why I now own a hockey stick -- I bought a $12 one at Zeller's yesterday. It's got a plastic blade, which is designed for street hockey and doesn't get all cut up the way the wooden ones do. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it?

My toes were soooo wet by the time we were finished, though. Sneakers just offer no protection against slush and snow. I got pretty thoroughly spattered, too. It was with much relief that I crawled into a warm bath upon my return home (last time we all went out to lunch together, but today we were just too cold and wet).

Anyway, yes. I play hockey. I get Canadian bonus points for that, right? ;)

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