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Okay, so I haven't written much more than 3-line posts for a while. Sorry about that. My brain's been in about seven different places far too much of the time. Gah. So here's a quick update of what's been up with me lately.

First, the job interview -- as I was going to see in the lovely post-that-got-eaten-by-electronics, it went pretty well. I think. I know they're calling my references (my boss, who is one of the references, told me), so that's a good sign. The idea of me getting the job is beginning to seem less ridiculous than it did at first. My current prediction is that I'll come in second place, and have just a sense of accomplishment to show for the whole thing. We shall see.

I have the chance to go to Africa in February - March. My Mom taught there for two years before she got married, and my sister's going over to stay with Mom's old friend there and do an "alternative teaching placement" (she's in teacher's college, and apparently they're supposed to do one non-standard schoolroom placement) for three weeks. I've been invited to go along. I'm seriously thinking about it -- it would use up pretty much all of my vacation time for the year, which is a negative, and I'm not sure I could get away with it if I were just starting a new job, but otherwise.... hmmm.... it feels rather sudden for me (I'm something of a long-term planner), but would be a really amazing opportunity. I suppose if everything went okay for K, I could always go another year... but it seems silly to pass it up when everything's getting arranged. Anyway, so that's an interesting possibility.

I am completely overwhelmed by the impending reality of Xmas. Specifically, Xmas shopping has me terrified and huddled in a little ball. Because I've gone and left it too long (again) and the stores are all crazy and claustrophobic. Yuck.

And that's it. My kittens are running around like silly little lunatics. Perhaps I shall go and bug them.

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