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I did make it all the way out to Kanata to see "Spirited Away". Kanata is creepy -- overrun with high school kids. ;) The movie was really good. A bit on the cute side, perhaps -- but good. Though perhaps not as good as "Princess Mononoke". Still, definitely worth the exorbitant super-multiplex prices. ($10 for a matinee? That's just absurd.) I have lots of little favourite bits, but if you haven't seen it, it's probably pointless for me to say "I liked the little mouse guy", isn't it?

( ) is a bloody beautiful album, by the way, even if the title is a touch pretentious. It doesn't make me want to cry (as Ryan said it affected him); it makes me want to lie on the couch and just drown in it. Utterly gorgeous. I think I may have to take my wine over to the couch and light the candles, as a matter of fact.

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