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Just got back from taking the kids to the vet. Isis was fine. Relatively well-behaved, apart from a desire to explore the entire vet's office and not just the table where she was being examined. She didn't cry at all, except when the cab went over some rough patches.

Spenser, on the other hand...

Wailed nearly all the way there and all the way back. Would not leave his carrier and had to be hauled out bodily. Twice. Was generally not a happy cat. Poor guy. I feel badly for him -- it's a scary experience, for sure. But he wasn't this scared when he went last year, as a kitten -- what happened? Last year, he was the curious one exploring everything.

Anyway, I'm sure he's very happy to be home. He's finally detached himself from my leg and gone to look out the window. I expect him to forgive me in a few hours. Maybe some kitty treats would help...

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