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So I have been home all week, because of our so-called energy crisis. While I would normally not object to an unexpected holiday, it's a little frustrating getting up every morning not knowing if you're supposed to be at work or not. It makes it impossible to make plans, and as a result, I'm getting a tad bored. And antsy. And restless. Grrr. And I feel terrible because I haven't really been accomplishing much, and that is also frustrating. What to do?

In other news, I am planning to get a second cat this weekend. I'm a little anxious -- what if the new cat and Spenser never get along? What if this is a terrible mistake? -- but rationally, I'm pretty sure that it's the right thing to do. My kitty needs company. He gets lonely when I'm not around, and, once he gets used to the idea, I think a buddy really will be good for him. I hope.

I have just been reminded that Dar Williams is playing theFolk Festival tonight and that I had intended to go. Should be fun. I am also going to see Matthew Good at the Ex tomorrow with some friends. That should also be fun.

And, I have finally officially registered myself for the triathalon I've been talking about. I'm entered in the "Sprint" category, which is a 500m swim, 30k bike ride and 5k run. I'm very confident that I can do the swim and the run with relative ease, but I'm a little nervous about the biking. That's definitely my weakest leg. But it's not like I'm trying to do particularly well at this thing. My goal is simply to finish. So I will take it nice and slowly and all will be well. Wish me luck!

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