Calendar Girl (kirilaw) wrote,
Calendar Girl

Catchup Post #2 -- Blackout Thursday

So after returning home on Thursday, a little after noon, I sort of puttered around and worked at putting things away. I was feeling quite draggy and tired (hadn't really gotten a full night's sleep the night before), so I curled up with my book for a while (Fall on Your Knees, Ann-Marie MacDonald -- really really excellent). I was lying on my bed when I glanced up at the clock and couldn't read the numbers. I assumed it was simply the glare from the sun, and at first thought nothing of it. Even when I realized the power was out, I at first thought it was no big deal. I decided to go for a run while waiting for it to come back on, which is when I discovered that it was rather more widespread than I'd realized. But I still assumed it was just city-wide and would be resolved quickly. After my run (which was a disaster -- I appear to have lost all my good in-shapeness. It was really hot & humid, which may be an excuse, but it was depressing nonetheless), C stopped by because he was bored and antsy at his house. So we spent the afternoon playing "Risk 2210" (a fun variant on the game, btw), until it started to get dark.

At this point, it occurred to me that my parents would likely have heard of the blackout and, being my parents, were probably concerned about me. So I dug out my old-fashioned backup phone (my regular phone is a cordless and was, therefore, not working) and, after much fumbling about, got it plugged in. C called his parents first, who are in Nova Scotia, and that's when I found out just how widespread the blackout was. I couldn't believe it.

When I called my parents (around 10, I think), they were getting power back intermittently. I got power back sometime in the middle of the night, I think around 5. C didn't get his back until Friday afternoon.

Getting up Friday morning, I was very relieved to have power back so that I could listen to the radio and figure out what on earth was going on. It was strange, being so disconnected from the rest of the modern world. Funny how dependent we've gotten on technology, just to keep us in contact with each other.

Blackout Thursday was a strange night. Lots of people were sitting outside (because it was so hot inside), getting to know their neighbours for the first time. You could see the stars -- what a strange thing in the middle of the city. Strange and wonderful. It was so dark... Some people might have been afraid, but for me, the dark was actually rather pleasant. It really made the idea of light pollution hit home.

My one complaint was the people across the street who kept their generator (presumably purchased after the Ice Storm, or for Y2K, or post "9-11") going 'til late late late. It was loud. grr. Have a little respect, people! You don't need it that badly!

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