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And we didn't lose!

Yesterday's softball tournament was a lot of fun. We played hard, and came in 6th out of 7 teams. Which doesn't sound impressive, but we were a little short-handed, and we've never been a terribly strong team -- we're really just in it for the fun. Anyway, we didn't come in last place, which was really all we were shooting for. And we had a great time.

The weather was actually quite brutal -- heavy, thick humidity and hot hot hot. We were guzzling water like crazy. We had a lovely pot luck lunch (at which I was praised for my dessert-making abilities, which gave me warm fuzzies). And it was a really great day of hanging out with friends and generally having a good time. Though I'm a little sore today, presumably from all that base running.

(Oh, and I didn't humiliate myself on the field, either. I had a couple of good plays, including an out at third that proved important for the game, and some decent hits. I even got to come home a few times, which is always rather cool.)

And -- most importantly of all -- we didn't lose! :D

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