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Twelve days 'til vacation! I am terribly excited. I'm going to spend a week at my family's cottage, just mellowing out and relaxing with a few good friends. It's going to be great. I've just sent a planning e-mail out to the gang so that we can get things organized. *bounce*

I bought new shoes today. They are very nice. They even have a little breast cancer ribbon on them, which gives me warm fuzzies. I took them out for a test run tonight, and they held up admirably. Now that I'm (almost) settled here in the new apartment, I should be able to get back to running regularly (I was pretty halfhazard for a while there). I get to start at the opposite end of the canal now, which is rather nice because I get to look at new scenery for about half the run.

I have all these good intentions of swimming lake-laps every day during my vacation. Any bets on how consistent I'll be about that? I have a terrible creeping suspicion that "laps" will soon become "floats". Heh.

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