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Tacos. I got to have tacos tonight. I haven't had tacos in ages... since before I stopped eating (red) meat, anyway. But the veggie ground round substitution actually worked very well. So I got to have tacos, and now I am full and content. Yay!

C's parents are in town, and we're all going to Stittsville (flea market, near Ottawa) and Ikea tomorrow. So maybe I will buy furniture. Or at least ogle furniture.

Things I want for my house:
-little hall table for the entranceway
-mirror (full-length!)
-coat tree/rack
-proper kitchen table/chairs
-extra counter space (hmmm...)
-coffee table -- possibly a large blanket-box or something similar
-folding table/chairs for balcony (actually, S said he had some I could use, since he's currently balcony-less)
-bigger scratching post/cat tree for Spenser ('cause he should get nice new stuff too -- I can't just spoil myself and not think of my little monster!)

I did actually do some unpacking/organizing of the apartment today -- I finally dealt with the storage closet, and it looks much nicer now that everything in it has a place. There are still a lot of boxes about, though. Next weekend, I will put up all my pictures and things -- with any luck, I'll have managed to unpack the rest of the stuff in the meantime. There's not really all that much left -- the problem is, it's all odds and ends, and I'm not entirely sure where I want it all to go. It's just a matter of finding a place for everything. If things have a Place, they aren't Clutter. At the moment, I have an awful lot of Clutter. *sigh*

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