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I made it!

I have officially moved! Yes, I am now in my fabulous new apartment, and Bell even (finally) managed to get my phone & my Internet hooked up again. (Getting that going again was terribly frustrating, though -- Bell really needs competition or something)

I'm not entirely unpacked yet -- getting there, though. The place is just as wonderful as I remembered. I'm going to re-paint the bedroom (it's an awful lime-green colour), but the rest of the place is done in lovely earthy tones, except for the front room which is a warm & cheerful yellow. The floors are hardwood, and lovely. I have a little balcony all to myself. It's great. :)

Spenser is adjusting, though he was pretty unsettled by the whole moving process. He's still a little jumpy, and finding the different noises a little distressing -- but he's definitely getting more comfortable and settled in. He is eating and drinking, so I'm not too worried.

I'm really tired, though. And just looking at the boxes I'm still not done with makes me want to groan. Ah well. That's for this weekend, I suppose. *sigh*
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