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Today was a day of suck.

I spent the morning at a training session, being bored out of my skull. They're converting us from our crappy proprietry e-mail program to M$ Outlook, and decided we all needed to be trained on Outlook. This would have made sense, if a) the rest of the world didn't already use Outlook, and b) they evaluated our existing knowledge, and taught those of us who actually knew what we were doing some of the more advanced features or something. But no. I had to sit through 3 1/2 hours of "how to send an e-mail" and "how to make an appointment". Gah. My coworker Patrick and I spent much of the time playing minesweeper and sending each other silly e-mails. I can't believe they paid us for that.

Then, this afternoon was ever-so-obnoxious in its own special way. "Take this e-mail and turn it into a briefing note" "No, wait, it's just supposed to be an e-mail after all". "Start working on the presentation, and I'll tell you tomorrow what our point is supposed to be". And more and more.

I need a new job. Much as I like my coworkers, I really can't keep doing this for much longer.

On the bright side, I am going to see the Matrix: Reloaded tonight. Action-movie fluff! Woo!

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