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Let's see, another update!

J and I really did have a good time. We went to the Museum of Civilization, which was a lot of fun. I hadn't been for quite a while, and I'd forgotten how big the museum is. We really didn't have time to see everything, and J started talking about having to come back just to see it all properly. ;) We also had some great visiting time, getting caught up, etc. It was all good. :)

Going back to work on Tuesday was really hard. :( Alas.

In other news, I've joined a softball team. We had our first game Tuesday night. It was very fun. I didn't humiliate myself too badly. It's a very recreational league, which is good for me. :) I'm glad I have a sport to play. And my teammates are all super-cool. We lost our game, which was unfortunate -- particularly since it got called for rain just as we were starting to catch up (really! we were!). Oh well. Next time...!

Upcoming plans: Saturday is the Great Glebe Garage Sale. I'm mostly going to browse, but if I happen to find a perfect coffee table...

I'm also thinking very seriously about adopting a second cat. I think poor Spenser could use the company during the day, when I'm away. I would wait until August, after the move and everything. But I'm concerned about the quarantine period and where I would keep a new cat for two weeks -- my new place isn't going to be any bigger than this, and I can't keep a cat in a bathroom for two weeks, can I? Hrm... And of course, my biggest worry -- what if they hate each other? Anyway, this is really getting ahead of myself -- must find new house first!

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