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So I feel I should explain a little about that J entry of last night.

J is the boy I had a crush on pretty much the entire time I was living in Victoria. I never had the guts to do anything about it, although I became increasingly convinced that he was, at least a little bit, interested in me. But I am a terrible wimp when it comes to boys I like. And I have always really, really liked him. Over time, I became pretty sure that we'd never have lasted as a long-term relationship (watch me rationalize!), but I've always kind of regretted that we never even got around to having a fling. Alas.

Having gotten the e-mail from him last night has made it fairly obvious that I still have at least a little bitty crush on him. *sigh* (for the record, it's a fun kind of crush. I'm not pining or anything. It just makes me happy that I'll get to see him, and that he thinks enough of me to want to spend some time with me while he's in town)

La la la. Happy Beth.

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