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A few quick notes about my Easter at home...

My poor sister has strep throat. So even though it was her birthday dinner on Saturday and my grandparents were over and everything, she had to sit at the end of the table and not breathe on people and she couldn't blow out her birthday candles. Poor sister.

I succumbed to a silly fit of jealousy over my siblings' coupled state. Especially my sister, because although I wouldn't want to date her boyfriend myself, he's a genuinely nice guy and I think she's pretty lucky to have him. And alas! I am still alone. *sob* Although I was pretty good about just smiling quietly when asked for news about "the nice young men in Ottawa". :P

The weather was absolutely glorious lately, and I have a little tiny bit of reddishness on my face and shoulder from sitting outside in it. Oops. Time to start being more vigilant about the sunscreen (I usually am quite good about it... but yesterday was just such an unexpected gift that I completely forgot).

I would like very much to go to the gym today, as I feel like a gigantic lump, but it is not open. alas. And the weather is not conducive to outside exercise today. It is threatening to rain. In desperation, I did some jumping jacks earlier. Heh.

The cat was (I think) happy to see me come home last night, although he chose to display his joy by telling me off in great detail for leaving him alone (he wasn't alone the whole time -- the cat-sitter came to visit and play with him!). And by waking me up this morning much earlier than I actually wanted to be up. But I think he's settled down now. Silly cat.

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