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There is snow on the ground.
Quite a lot of it.
This is absurd.
Spring has apparently gone on a bender somewhere on the West Coast, and is now hungover in Seattle. Or something. She sure as hell ain't here.

Tonight I am planning to go see Stars and Broken Social Scene at Zaphod's. I am concerned, however, because it turns out it's one of the Juno shows so all the people with wristbands will get to get in, and it's been really highly rated in the local indy paper, so I'm starting to think I need to get there really, really early. Hope my fellow-show-goer calls soon so I can pass that piece of intelligence along.

Other plans for today: housecleaning. It has really quite degenerated, and it's time to do something about that. I've already started, actually, and it's starting to look better already. Sense of accomplishment, here I come! ;)

I'm also supposed to go to the gym. I'm wondering if boogying at Zaph's would count. I should probably go anyway. I've been making up too many excuses lately. It's just too easy to flake out and not go. Which is why I've been feeling do out-of-shape and bleah lately, yes, I know. :P

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