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Today was a good day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I had a very good workout at the gym this morning, and then a nice long soaky bath (mmmm!).

Then I went out for a walk. It was just the kind of day when you have to get out, have to walk around the city and watch the other people who are out because the day demands it. It was the kind of day that lets you forget all about the things that are terrible in the world, and just be happy that you're alive and that you're in a place where the sun is shining and everything is (at least for now) okay. It was a wonderful day.

I bought flowers. Yes, I know, all kinds of terrible things about cut flowers. But they are so bright and pretty and spring-like, and they make my house happier. (they are yellow daisies)

Now I'm pleasantly tired. I think I will sleep well tonight. Between the gym and the extended walk, I am well-exercised.

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