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Who was I kidding...?

Okay, no work for me today. Got up this morning with an even sorer throat, nastier cough and the complete inability to speak. Calling in sick was moderately amusing. I tried to say "hello", managed something that can only be described as a croak, and started to cough uncontrollably (not a pretty sound, I can assure you). Fortunately, a combination of call display and insight allowed my boss to determine who it was and why I was calling. I responded to her intuitions with affirmative croaks, each setting off more coughing.

I think it was probably for the best that I didn't go in today.

I'm feeling somewhat better now... I can speak, though my voice still sounds nothing like me, and the coughing has eased somewhat. I'm still congested and my throat is still sore, though. I haven't decided whether I'll go in to work tomorrow or not... it'll depend on how I'm feeling. I actually feel a little bad about not being there today -- there were things that really needed doing, and now someone else, who had little time to spare, will have had to do them -- but it was really the only option. If I'd gone in, I wouldn't have been able to do half of my work anyway (the half that involves verbal communication), and I would have infected the rest of the office. I am trying to quell my guilt with this knowledge. I am partially succeeding.

Anyway, keep those wellness vibes headed in my direction. I could still use 'em. Surely they'll kick in sooner or later...

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