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Last night I went to see the Bluebird North Tour. I had a wonderful time -- it was a really good show. Rather folk-festival-esque, for the most part, but that's kind of my "thing"... :) I originally heard about it because Sarah Slean was one of the artists, and it was certainly great to see her -- she was wonderful as usual. But what I particularly loved was getting to hear music from artists I didn't know about... Such as Damhnait Doyle, who, I have just decided, is quite remarkeable. And the "local guy", Graham Greer, was pretty impressive too (and it appears he's going to be the opener for Sarah Slean's concert later this month... sweet!

Other highlights: those of you who know me will be shocked to hear that I actually quite enjoyed Choclair's performance. 'Though my favourite part was when he got everyone else to improvise a little something and it all turned into this wonderful jam session.

And I got to dance on the same dance floor with Sarah Slean! I get cool points for that, right? ;)

After the show, I stuck around for a bit to dance. Which I haven't done in far too long. The first little bit was particularly good, and reminded me why I've always liked Zaphod's -- where else would you get to dance to "the Boy with the Arab Strap"?

Anyway, I'm wiped out now -- I guess I'm too old for dancing the night away. ;) I'm going to spend the day tidying the apartment and napping.

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