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I have been quite terrible about keeping this journal updated lately. My sincere apologies. I'm sure you're all quite desperate to know all the minutiae of my daily life... and I've been failing you. I'm so sorry. *sob*

Today was back to work. It went well. That vacation just did me so much good. Although I had a million things to do, and many of them were boring admin-type things[1], I was cheerful, and I worked steadily, and barely procrastinated at all. And I was still in a good mood by the end of the day. Let's hope this lasts, at least for a week or two. :)

After work, I went to the gym. The gym was quite busy again. Are people starting to worry about swimsuit season perhaps? I managed to have a good workout despite having to work it around all the other people who were using the equipment. I am now quite pleasantly tired.

Then I came home, showered, and made pizza. I didn't have any interesting toppings (I haven't gotten around to doing a proper grocery shopping since I've been back), but I added some basil and oregano to the sauce, which is quite yummy. And that brings us to now, as I am currently eating the yummy pizza. :)

[1] I am not an admin person. I generally object quite strongly on principle to being asked to do administrative things, because it is not what I am there for, I am not trained for it, and it often involves the things I find hardest to do, such as making phone calls. But our admin assistant is on vacation, and somebody has to do this stuff, and I am the lowest on the totem pole (though not the newest employee, and that _does_ vaguely bother me), so it falls to me. Normally this upsets me. Today it didn't... not really, anyway.

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