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Sorry for that fit of self-pity last night, folks. I was tired, which sometimes makes me feel sorry for myself. It's passed, now.

Yesterday was actually a really fun day. I went to Montreal with fireinthehead, her boi and a friend of theirs. It was really (really, really!) cold, but I had a good time anyway. Will have to go back sometime when the weather is more favourable -- we couldn't really do a lot of sightseeing, because it was so cold we just wanted to jump back into the car. fireinthehead and I did some shopping/looking at things, which was fun (I got a new headband that is working beautifully at holding my hair back! hurrah!), though I didn't find any nice clothes I wanted. I'm getting a bit bored of my work clothes -- I feel like I'm wearing the same thing almost every week. It's not entirely true, 'cause I mix and match a fair bit, but between the cold (which means I can't bear to wear any but my longest skirts) and my limited-to-start-with wardrobe, I'm starting to feel decidedly repetitive. That's another reason I can't wait for spring. But yeah, I think I need to embark on a semi-serious shopping trip to find some new sweaters or something.

We also drove up Mount Royal at dusk to look out over the city. It was really pretty. There's something about a city at dusk... all the lights are on and you can't see any of the dirt and ordinariness of daytime. I like watching city lights... it feels almost like you're seeing the elemental 'best part' of the city. But, again, it was too cold to look for long (we mostly sat in the car to look, actually).

Then we came back to Ottawa, and had dinner at a pub in Carp, which was very nice. The bartender looked a lot like J (a boy I knew and had a crush on in Victoria), which was... strange.

Today I am supposed to go to the gym. My motivation level is really low. I will probably try to get up the energy to go anyway. Maybe. We'll see. :P Then I'm planning to go see Punch-Drunk Love at the Bytowne, because I have been told that it is a very good movie, Adam Sandler notwithstanding.

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