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After lots of knitting for my family in the fall, I decided I wanted to embark on some selfish knitting for myself. One piece of that was a project I've been wanting to do for a while, the Rogue sweater. It's a really pretty sweater, with beautiful fancy cables that were intended to make it a bit of a challenge for me. 

And they do! Because cables aren't hard, exactly, but they do require you to pay attention.

Rogue Sweater

Check out this lovely cable panel, for example. See anything wrong with it?
Rogue Sweater

Yep, that's a mis-crossed cable, eight rows back or so. Sigh.

I hemmed and hawed about whether I could just leave it as is, but I really want this sweater to be something I can be proud of, and I would always know the cable was wrong, even if nobody else ever noticed (I did the same mis-cross in the panel on the opposite side, so at least it was a consistent error?).

So, with a heavy heart, I tinked back eight rows (I didn't want to rip and risk losing my place or dropping stitches all over the place). 

In the end, it didn't take all that long... I guess. It was most of a lazy Saturday to get back to the error and fix it.  And since then, I've been merrily knitting along, and I'm quite happy with how it's going. 
Rogue Sweater

This is going to be a very pretty sweater when it's done. And I'm going to be happy with it, and that's what's most important. And look! I can fix a cable!
Rogue Sweater
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