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A Very Important Decision

I have been making a pair of socks. They are mosaic socks, with a lovely pattern in black yarn and rainbow-coloured yarn. The rainbow-coloured stripes make me very happy indeed.

But now I have completed the first sock, and I have to decide -- do I try to make the second sock match exactly, lining up the colours so that they start with the same colour (yellow) and change in (approximately) the same places? Or is that a recipe for making me squirrelly?

But if I just start with the next colour (which is tempting), will it bother me later that the socks don't match exactly? Or will that be more fun?

Cannot decide. Thoughts, oh Internet?

(Yes, I know this would be more interesting with a sock picture. I will try to add one tonight.)

ETA: Pictures are here.
Tags: angst, knitting

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