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I listen to CBC radio in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work, so that I can get a bit of an update on current events and politics and all that stuff. Sometimes there are interesting interviews. Sometimes there's annoying fluff, although less than your typical commercial radio morning show.

Lately, there's been a lot of very annoying weight loss crap.

See, the CBC is running something called "Live Right Now", which purports to be all about general healthy lifestyle changes and being your best self and all that touchy-feely stuff, but is really about Losing Weight. I mean, just look at their Web site: front and center, the "Million Pound Challenge" counter announces how many pounds they've supposedly motivated people to lose.

So this morning, they have an interview with Sheila Copps. A high-profile woman, former politician, now columnist, and what are they talking about? How she Lost Weight. Because she had shockingly gained an average of a pound a year as an adult, and (I guess) just hadn't realized how terribly, repulsively fat she'd gotten. And then she went on some plan or other, and now she's Lost the Weight and is being all evangelical about it.

And it just made me sad. Because this is a smart woman, and yet what are we talking about? Her body. How she made her body more socially acceptable.

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