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Getting back into "the swing of things" is tough. I've just gotten back from a lovely vacation in Asia (Japan and Hong Kong, specifically), and while I am mentally well-rested, and have all kinds of plans and ambitions that I want to tackle, my body is making it tough. It just wants to *sleep*, basically, except when it would be appropriate for it to sleep, and then it won't sleep, although it isn't much good at doing anything more active than curling up with a book or poking around on the Internet. I understand, intellectually, that this is jet lag, and that I will get over it eventually, but I am feeling very impatient with myself. There's just so much to *do*, and I need to get going on x, y, and z...

Yeah, I'm totally whiny sometimes.

Also, I currently have no attention span. Look! A bunny! 
Tags: real life, whining

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