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Sometimes I really hate society

So the other day, I was puttering around on Ravelry, reading through Remnants (the "general discussion" forum), and I started reading a thread in which a person was asking for weight loss advice. She'd put on about twenty pounds recently, and was having trouble losing it again. Now, normally, I would avoid these kinds of topics -- they always make me grouchy -- but for whatever reason I started reading. 

There was plenty of fairly generic weight loss advice (eat less, exercise more, portion control, blah blah blah). And then there was this other person who said she was watching the thread with great interest because she was trying to lose weight too. 

See, her doctor had told her she needed to gain weight. So she agreed to gain three or four pounds. But then! She gained ten! And she needed to get rid of the excess right away. 

What kind of a world do we live in where it seems reasonable to be so fixated on one's weight that a ten-pound weight gain after having been told to gain weight for medical reasons is cause for a diet? 

I guess that's a reminder of why I shouldn't read these discussions. 

(Don't even get me started on the Dr. Oz show that was playing on the gym tv while I was on the treadmill last week -- seven sisters who had all pledged to lose weight, and then had to have their ominous, deadly numbers broadcast across the country to "motivate" them.... oh wait, I seem to have gotten started. Sigh.)
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