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Am I done yet?

 Last summer, I started my first "real" lace knitting project -- a Candle Flame Shawl. I refer to it as the "Flickering Flames" shawl (ravelry link), because there are a couple of rows that I messed up a bit, so I've decided the flames are flickering a bit -- how's that for an out?

Anyway, the plan was to give the shawl to my Grandmother for Christmas, because I think she'd like it. I didn't get done for Christmas, because I fell appallingly behind on my knitting, partly due to too many other commitments, and partly due to general stressiness. Not to mention my mother's last-minute recruiting me as her elf to knit an ornament for her to give to my niece, ahem. 

Anyway! Now that the holiday madness is over with, I've returned to the shawl, and I'm trying to decide if I've made it long enough. The pattern says to make it 70" long... but that's the blocked length. How long should it be unblocked? I do not know. It's currently about 43" unblocked -- and that's completely unstretched. It will definitely get much bigger when I block it... 

I could do another repeat or two, I guess, to be on the safe side. But I don't want to end up with something absurdly long...

Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

ETA: You can see pictures of the shawl-in-progress on flickr, if you're interested.
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