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Why I am a little soggy this morning...

As I was getting dressed this morning, I was listening to the weather forecast. I often do this so I can decide if it's sensible to bike in to work or not. Another sunny, hot day, the forecaster tells me. There's a bit of fog lingering , but it'll burn off soon enough. Slight chance of showers later in the day, but unlikely.

So of course I hop on my bike. It's a little grey and hazy out, but it's still early, and I figure it's just the fog that's still hanging around.

Turns out, I was wrong.

Within about five minutes, it started to rain. Just a sprinkle at first, but soon enough a full-scale downpour. I have a perfectly nice rain jacket for biking in the rain, but, since it was supposed to be sunny, I didn't bother to bring it. The more fool I.

My ride into work was punctuated by muttered swear words directed at the perfidy of weather forecasters.
Tags: cycling, rage rage rage

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