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BSG finale, or, WTF?

This is going to be seriously spoilerific. You have been warned.

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said Ron Moore to David Eick
There's too many plotlines
I can't think what to write

Well, I guess this shows you what happens when a writer in a serial medium makes things up without any larger plan and then tries to wrap everything up.

The Battlestar finale is evidence, if you had any doubts up 'til now, that the writers really have been making stuff up off the top of their heads, without any actual plan or even the foggiest idea what they were doing beyond "that'd be cool!". Faced with having promised to explain everything in the finale, they finally just gave up, waved their hands, and said "God did it".

Deus ex machina like whoa.

Oh and Hera is the ancestress of modern humanity, and now we just have to learn from their mistakes... and not make sentient robots.

Wait, what?

It was an incredibly frustrating finale. It undermined everything that was interesting about the show as a whole in favour of a simple explanation (which still doesn' t make any sense) and supernatural hand-waving. Those characters whose presence/return we couldn't quite explain? Angels. Hera's great destiny? Is to, um, survive.

They established, not an episode before, that Hera could participate in Cylon projection... and then completely dropped it. Apparently that ability didn't survive the first generation of modern humanity. Throughout the series there was an interesting tension between the polytheistic colonists and the Cylon/Baltar's monotheistic God... and in the end, Baltar and the Cylons were 100% right , and there's just one God.

And the entire colonial  fleet has gotten so sick of each other that they're all just going to wander off in the wilderness in small groups, many of them completely alone, just so they won't have to talk with anyone ever again. Okay, this part I kind of believe, because they've been stuck in close proximity with each other for a long time... but you don't think they're going to have a few regrets after a year or two? Also, they're all going to die out completely, since Hera's our only ancestor.

And don't even get me started on the "primitive tribespeople" who are completely displaced to give humanity a nice white ancestry (yes, Hera's half-Asian. That doesn't really help things).

This episode is upsetting because it broke the rules that had been set up for the series. "Kara was an angel all along" just doesn't fit into the universe that's been established in the series up to this point. Not to mention that Lee handles the whole thing far too well. I guess he's given up on the human race, too. "Exploring" sounds like "getting away from people until I die", and isn't all that much different from Tyrrel's "sitting alone in the highlands until I die".

Baltar and Six's visions of each other -- well, they were visitations by God' s Angels. God apparently has no idea what he wants, since one of the strange and intriguing things about the visions - especially Baltar's Six - was that  they kept pushing in different directions. Six wants Baltar to be President. No, wait, she wants him to found a religious movement. Now she wants him to get guns. And none of that turned out to have anything to do with what God apparently really wanted, which was for Caprica and Baltar to be handy when Hera was running off again. This is some of the most handwavey handwaving I've ever seen in a purportedly serious show, and it's incredibly annoying. If the visions had turned out to be some kind of modified Cylon projections devised by a mysterious character with sinister goals, then I could believe the constant changes of direction that Baltar's pushed into. But as it is, it makes no sense whatsoever, and makes the Cylon God -- sorry, the One True God -- alarmingly ineffective.

The whole season has been lurching around, looking for a resolution and unable to find one. The finale is just an extreme version of that problem.

I am profoundly disappointed. :( 
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