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Read/seen any good sff lately?

So this year, I am going to Worldcon for the first time ever -- it's in Montreal, and two of my very favourite writers are going to be the GOH (Neil Gaiman, of whom I am quite a fan, and Elizabeth Vonarburg, whose writing was, in part, the focus of my Master's thesis). This is very exciting.

What is also very exciting is that this means I get to nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards. Whee!

The nomination deadline is Saturday. I'm hoping to have my nominations in by Friday, because I hear the online form sometimes runs into trouble when the deadline hits.

So -- any last-minute recommendations for short stories or movies I should consider? I'm looking for graphic story suggestions, as well. They have to have been released in 2008.

(I've got the novel category well and truly covered; it's the shorter fiction that I could use suggestions for)
Tags: sf

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