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Losing Green Points

The buses are back. I've seen them on the roads, in motion and with passengers. I'm sure the novelty will wear off shortly.

I haven't actually ridden one yet. We still have the car we procured to get us through what we were told would be another month before the buses that go by our house started running during rush hour. As it turns out, they're running now, but it's kind of hard to justify taking the bus when I can drive to work in a third the time (and I have free parking at work, which changes the equation somewhat -- it'll be different when I'm back working downtown).

I feel pretty guilty about that, actually. As a supporter of public transit, I ought to be back on the bus as soon as possible. Instead, I'm being seduced by the Dark Side -- the greater convenience that goes with having a personal vehicle. I'm probably personally responsible for destroying the environment now.

Fortunately, I can always blame Larry O'Brien. Hey Larry! You're personally responsible for destroying the environment!
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