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Day 31 of the transit strike

Well, I for one am not surprised by the outcome of yesterday's transit union vote.

Disappointed, maybe, because I want the buses to run again, but not surprised. Forcing the drivers to vote was pretty much guaranteed to put their backs up and ensure that they would vote no. It was an attempt to drive a wedge between the drivers and the union -- and I'm sure plenty of drivers voted against it on those grounds alone.

So now what? I guess we're back where we started, only everyone involved is much, much grumpier and probably much more stubborn. This does not bode well.

Sigh. I'd really like to have buses again. Having a car* is nice in a lot of ways, but having buses would be even better.

*My parents have very kindly loaned us a car for the duration. Which is good, because I have no other way to get to work without buses. But it is completely spoiling us for running errands and so on.
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