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Home is where you shovel the driveway

Ah, shoveling. I don't even want to think about how much shoveling I've done in the last two days.

I had to shovel yesterday morning to get the car out of the driveway. The really heavy snow hadn't fallen yet, but I still had to clear the plow-induced snowbank.

Then last night, when I got home, I had to shovel for at least an hour (and it felt like more) so that the car could get back into the driveway. And just as I was clearing the giant plow-produced snowbank, the sidewalk plow came by and put half of it back. I was really not impressed at all.

And then this morning, I got up while it was still dark, and shoveled again. It took me another hour to get the snowbank cleared. I went inside and got dressed. I was on a tight timeline to get to work, because I had a 9am meeting, and I knew traffic was going to be bad, between the snow and the ongoing bus strike.

When I came back out to get in the car... the sidwalk plow had been by again.

I was quite thoroughly unimpressed.

In what was probably not my wisest move ever, I got in the car and drove off anyway. It took a little extra gas to get over the sidewalk plow's snowdrift.

Remind me again why I live in this city? Sigh.

ETA: And then I got home, and ... couldn't get the car into the driveway. Couldn't even try. The big plow had been by, and dumped another 2 feet of snow into my nicely cleared car-entry space. So I had to park the car on a side-street, and spend 20 minutes or so digging myself enough clearance to get the car in. On the bright side, taking a pick-axe to large chunks of ice is rather therapeutic. On the downside, I had to take a pick-axe to large chunks of ice just to get my car into my driveway. 
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